Plastic Pipes XX Conference and Exhibition 2020

Dit evenement wordt gehouden op:
21 september 2020 t/m 23 september 2020

in: Hotel Okura Amsterdam

The Plastic Pipes Conference Association (PPCA) reports that Plastic Pipes XX Conference and Exhibition will be hosted in Amsterdam 21 -23 September in 2020 at the Hotel Okura.

Chair of the PPXX Organizing Committee is Zoran Davidovski, Vice President Marketing & Innovation of Pipelife International. Davidovski comments on the choice of Amsterdam for the next conference: “Amsterdam is a fitting choice for PPXX. The Dutch are world renowned masters in water management. The Netherlands has also spearheaded the commercial development of plastic pipe materials, systems and technology. In addition to leading in the field of plastic pipe collection and recycling schemes, the Dutch have been in the forefront of plastic pipe R&D.”

“Amsterdam is a vibrant and fascinating location for our conference. Its rich history of culture, arts and science are aspects to behold. Also, of interest is that Amsterdam and much of The Netherlands is below sea level. Since the 17th century, the city forefathers have constructed canals to provide transport and drainage. Today, municipal drainage, sewer and water utilities are mostly supplied by modern plastic pipes.”

Call for papers
PPXX heeft een oproep gedaan om papers in te sturen voor de conferentie. De papers moeten in het Engels worden ingediend tegen 22 oktober 2019 en aanvullende richtlijnen worden gepubliceerd op:
Plastic Pipes XX Conference and Exhibition 2020
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