Teppfa position paper EMG testing

Teppfa, de Europese koepel van de kunststof leidingindustrie, heeft een positie vastgesteld m.b.t. de in de Europese Norm EN 16 421 opgenomen testmethodes voor het vaststellen van EMG (Enhanced Microbiological Growth), met daarbij een sterke voorkeur voor de Duitse Volumetric Method (VM, ook wel aangeduid als W270 methode), en een oproep om de grenswaarde van de Nederlandse BPP methode (Biomass Production Potential, ook genoemd ATP methode) te verhogen van 1.000 pg ATP/m2 naar 2.000 pg ATP/m2.

TEPPFA Position on EMG testing according the Volumetric method and the BPP method

TEPPFA has concerns about the new proposed EN16421 Enhancement of Microbiological Growth (EMG) Method 1: the Biomass Production Potential (BPP) test method for Plastic Pipe and materials in contact with Drinking Water, and the proposed Pass-Fail-Criteria (PFC) <1000 pg ATP1/cm2, according to the same method.

The Industry fully supports the existing EN16421 EMG Method 2: the Volumetric method, and related PFC used for Drinking Water ≤ (0.05 + 0.02) ml/800 cm2.

In Europe Pass-Fail-Criteria and test methods for pipe in relation to Enhancement of Microbiological Growth are discussed in view of setting future requirements. A standard has been established, EN16421, with 3 different methods. Method 1, the relatively new BPP method, Method 2 the Volumetric method corresponding to W270 used since a long time, and Method 3 corresponding to the established MDOD method.

  1. EN16421 EMG Method 2: the Volumetric Method has since 1984 served the Industry and end users for approvals of Plastic Piping System and materials according to EMG (W270). It is a bench mark EMG method for plastic pipe systems and materials in use globally.
  2. There is no sound scientific basis known to industry for Pass-Fail Criteria for the BPP method set to the proposed <1000 pg ATP/cm2 for safe European distribution of drinking water.
  3. Repeatability of the BPP test for a material at different laboratories is not adequate and does not serve setting a relatively low PFC (e.g. <1000 pg ATP/cm2).
  4. It is questionable that the increased 30ºC test temperature with the EN16421-Method 1: BPP test method is representative for drinking water pipe.

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TEPPFA Position Paper EMG Testing
TEPPFA Position on EMG testing according the Volumetric method and the BPP method
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